President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on Wednesday stated that the administration’s developmental strategy centres on the greater welfare of the nation. He was speaking at the opening of the new powerhouse and office building developed by the state-owned utility provider Fenaka Corporation Limited on Magoodhoo Island in the South Miladhunmadulu Atoll.

Highlighting the lack of basic public services in most islands when his administration took office, President Solih stressed the priority accorded by his administration to developing and delivering basic services across the nation, including power, water, and sewerage services, in addition to healthcare and education. He added that the administration’s ongoing "Integrated National Public Ferry Network" project sought to ensure easy access to public services closer to each island.

On Fenaka Corporation’s efforts to improve electricity services across the country, President Solih noted that the administration had made monumental progress on this front. Under his administration, electricity generation capacity doubled from 70 to 140 megawatts with the installation of 213 new generator sets on some 133 islands. While electricity cable networks have also been upgraded on some 112 islands, the President announced that new powerhouse development plans are being drawn up for 14 islands.

President Solih also shed light on the efforts to increase the use of renewable energy. He noted that, while the renewable energy generation capacity was clocked at 16 megawatts when his administration took office, it has now risen to 20 megawatts. The administration aims to generate 52 megawatts of energy through renewable energy sources before the end of its five-year term.

Earlier on Wednesday, President Solih visited the Magoodhoo Health Centre, met with the management and staff, and inquired about the services. He also made a stop at the Magoodhoo School to meet the faculty.

The President's visit to Magoodhoo Island is the fourth leg of his two-day tour of the South Miladhunmadulu Atoll. He is accompanied on the visit by some members of his Cabinet and senior government officials.