Senior Officials at The President's Office

Uz. Ali Zahir
Chief of Staff, The President's Office
Ali Shiyam
Minister at the President’s Office
Ahmed Sameer
Minister at the President’s Office
Zaha Waheed
Minister at the President’s Office
Ibrahim Waheed
Minister at the President’s Office
Order of the Dignified Rule of the Dhiyamigili Dynasty Dr. Mustafa Lutfi
Special Adviser on Social Policy, The President’s Office
Hussain Amir
Secretary, Corporate Service, The President's Office
Fathimath Mohamed Solih
Secretary, Presidential Secretariat and Protocol, The President's Office
Ahmed Hassan Didi
Secretary, Cabinet Affairs, The President's Office
Ibrahim Hood
Secretary, Foreign Relations, The President's Office
Sabra Ibrahim Noordeen
The Special Envoy for Climate Change, The President's Office
Aishath Nooshin Waheed
Secretary, National Security Advisor’s Office
Ahmed Hamdhan
Secretary, Policy, The President's Office
Mohamed Hisan Ali Fahmy
Secretary, Communications, The President’s Office
Hamid Shafeeu
Chief Technology Officer
Nazra Naseem
Chief Executive to Vice President
Dr. Moosa Fathee
Under Secretary
Dr. Isaam Mohamed
Under Secretary
Mohamed Hunaif
Under Secretary
Aishath Nazhath
Under Secretary
Uz. Ahmed Abdulla Saeed
Under Secretary
Hawwa Faseel
Policy Analyst
Mohamed Rasheed
Under Secretary, The President’s Office
Aishath Shifana
Under Secretary
Aminath Nadha Hussain
Under Secretary
Dr. Aishath Shafina
Senior Social Policy Analyst
Ali Athif
Under Secretary
Miuvaan Mohamed
Spokesperson of The President’s Office
Mohamed Shameem
Under Secretary
Uz. Ahmed Mauroof
Under Secretary