President Nasheed has reiterated that the government will not falter in protecting the Constitution of the country. The President made this statement while speaking to the people of Hinnavaru this evening as part of his tour to Fadhippolhu.

Focusing on the decision of the People’s Majlis to take recess while there still remained two bills on the People’s Majlis’ elections to be adopted, the President assured he would fulfil the Constitutional provisions.

Speaking further, the President said his goal as President was providing a better quality of life for the people. Mr Nasheed also said he would run the government without violating the Constitution, law and generally accepted conventions in the country.

He added that he would work to bring the development and prosperity desired by the people, and said he hoped to complete the five-year presidential term based on good governance.

Detailing the developmental policies of the government, the President said that because of budgetary limitations, sufficient funds were not available to spend for basic services that are currently lacking in the atolls.

He therefore informed that the policy of the government was to provide such services through a policy of regionalisation. In this regard, he said that a utilities company would be established to provide services to N, R, B and Lh atolls, which form one of the regions under the regionalisation policy.

Noting that Hinnavaru was a comparatively bigger island, the President acknowledged that there were many developmental activities to be carried out for the island. He added the government would strive towards this end.