President Mohamed Nasheed, during his visit to Abu Dhabi, yesterday met with President Karolos Papoulias of Greece.

The two leaders discussed ways of strengthening bilateral relations and on possible areas of cooperation between the Maldives and Greece. Discussions were especially focused on increasing cooperation in the areas of shipping and tourism.

President Nasheed briefed President Karolos Papoulias about the current economic and political situation in the Maldives. He also highlighted the challenges that the Maldives was facing.

Speaking on the climate change, President Nasheed said climate change was a very real problem for the Maldives and said the result of the recent climate conference in Copenhagen cannot be viewed as an issue between the developed and developing country.

He further said that the most important adaptation measure is good governance.

Speaking on collaborating in shipping and tourism, President Papoulias said that Greece has extensive experience in these two areas.

He also congratulated the President on the democratic reform in the Maldives.