President Nasheed has this morning departed to Copenhagen to attend the United Nations Climate Change Conference.

Speaking to the media, before his departure, the President said that as low-lying island countries were most vulnerable to the effects of climate change, it was important that the world listen to countries like the Maldives. He further said that as world leaders meet in Copenhagen to seek an agreement on Climate Change, he believed that the Maldives will have a bigger role in this.

The President said that at the conference, the Maldives will propose a survival kit for the world.

The President will address the Joint High-level segment of COP 15 and Fifth Session of the Conference of the Parties on 16 December, Wednesday. On the same day, the President will also address at the Inter-Parliamentary Union. On 15 December, Tuesday, the President will speak at the high level roundtable on “Meeting the needs for information and knowledge for climate change response” jointly organized by UNEP, UNFCCC, and WMO. In addition, on Monday, he will chair the side event at UNFCCC COP15, “Advancing work on adaptation to climate change: A United Nations system perspective”.

During his visit to Copenhagen, President Nasheed is also scheduled to meet senior government officials and climate experts, participating in the COP15, including Danish Prime Minister, Prime Minister of Australia, and Former US Vice President Al Gore.

The President will also give media interviews to some of the prominent news channels.

The President was accompanied by the Special Envoy of the President, Mr Ibrahim Hussain Zaki; Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr Ahmed Shaheed; Member of the People’s Majlis, Eva Abdulla; Member of the People’s Majlis, Visam Ali; Minister of State of Housing, Transport and Environment, Adam Maniku; Minister of State for Health and Family, Abdul Bari Abdulla; Envoy for Science and Technology, Ahmed Shafeeg Ibrahim Moosa; and, Executive Service Secretary, Mohamed Ziyad.