President Mohamed Nasheed has visited Thinadhoo of Gaaf Dhaal Atoll today and held talks with Island Council on ways of expediting development projects in Thinadhoo.

Development projects currently underway in Thinadhoo include construction of the island´s harbour and water project, while island´s sewerage system and road construction projects are in the pipeline.

During the meeting with the Island Council, the President discussed the changes proposed by the Council to the harbour construction project and sought their views on expediting the project to ensure early completion.

The President also discussed the government´s strategy to develop the island´s harbour to a fully fledged commercial and fishing harbour by opening the opportunity for private parties to establish service outlets for fishermen and commercial services such as local markets and a ferry terminal.

The project to lay the island´s water grid is in its final stage and is expected to be complete soon.

Furthermore, the President shared the details of the proposed projects to establish island´s sewerage system and construction of 4km of road on the island.

The government has decided to issue sovereign guarantees to Upper South Utilities Limited to enable the company to raise funding for both projects through commercial banks, instead of the the government seeking funds from international lenders.

Before visiting Thinadhoo, the President visited Madaveli and Hoadehdhoo of Gaaf Dhaal Atoll today.

During the visits to both islands, the President discussed with both Island Councils the programmes planned for the development of both islands.