As the first leg of the tour of Raa Atoll President Mohamed Nasheed began this morning, he has visited Innamaadhoo.

Meeting the people of Innamaadhoo, the President rejoiced the government’s achievements in delivering its electoral pledges, noting that the successful delivery of these pledges would pave the way for national development.
Underscoring the government’s pledge to establish a social security system and to provide affordable healthcare, he said the government made the pledge recognising the fact that one third of country’s population lived below poverty line. He said national development was not possible while one third of the population lived in poverty.
The President noted that 115 people of the island have been receiving health insurance through the Madhana health insurance programme.
In addition, he said 50 people of Innamaadhoo above the age of 65 years have been receiving old age pension, initiated by his administration, for the past two years.
The President noted that Mrf 54,000 that was been injected into Innamaadhoo economy, in the form of old age pension, was instrumental in reviving the island and the country’s economy after the 2009 and 2010 economic downturn. He also added this injection has increased economic activities in the island.
Addressing the people, the President also outlined the government’s development programmes for the island. He said the government has budgeted to build a new mosque in the island this year.
He revealed that the government would also begin building a ferry terminal as part of the government’s programme to establish a nationwide transport network, and the government commence constructing breakwater in the island’s harbour.
The President has now arrived in Rasmaadhoo of Raa Atoll after concluding his visit to Innamaadhoo.