As part of the tour to some islands of the Southern Atolls, President Mohamed Nasheed has visited Fuvahmulah.

Meeting the people of Fuvahmulah this afternoon, the President assured the people of the island of the government’s commitment to the development of Fuvahmulah.

Reiterating the importance of successful delivery of the government’s election pledges for the development of the country, the President highlighted the progress the government has made, over the past two years, towards delivering these pledges.

In his address to the people of one of the most geographically isolated islands of the country, the President highlighted the success of the government’s pledge to establish a nationwide transport system.

The President said the government pledged to establish an integrated transport network between atolls and islands recognizing the need for easy mobility of people and to facilitate trade between the atolls.

He said, while the transport link between Fuvahmulah and Addu was successfully in operation, it was necessary to connect Fuvahmulah with other regions of the country. Speaking in this regard, the President revealed that the government was working to establish a ferry link between the island and Huvadhu Atoll.

Acknowledging the need for an airport on Fuvahmulah, given the unique geography of the island, the President said the government aimed to build an airport before this year’s SAARC Summit, which is to be held in South Province.

President Nasheed said when the airport was completed and ferry link with Huvadhu Atoll was established, Fuvahmulah would be well connected with all the regions of the country.

In addition, President Nasheed informed the people of Fuvahmulah on the government policies and the programmes included in the budget specifically for the development of the island.

After concluding the visit to Fuvahmulah, the President has later this afternoon arrived in Gadhdhoo of Gaaf Dhaal Atoll.