President Dr Mohamed Muizzu announced salary increments for police and military personnel starting in March this year on Friday. The President made the commitment while speaking in the second session of the 'Ahaa' public forum to address public queries at Sultan Park.

Responding to queries, the President revealed that the Administration would soon initiate housing projects. He said these projects would begin in Malé City and other parts of the nation.

The President revealed that the Administration had achieved 100% of the 150 out of the 161 pledges of the Administration's "Hafuthaa 14" roadmap and that more than 80% of the remaining pledges are complete. The President's responses at tonight's forum include details about the Administration's efforts to revive the economy, provide opportunities to people with disabilities, plan to create a village or centre for performing artists and professionals, and medium- and long-term plans to offer opportunities for university education across the country.

In addition, the President pledged to establish a world-class surfing stadium within the next year and committed to building a drifting stadium in Hulhumalé.

This is the first public forum series that a Maldivian Government has hosted to address public inquiries promptly. Per his Presidential pledge, the President has made it a top priority to monitor public well-being and solicit public opinion regularly. Open forums such as the 'Ahaa' forum aim to inspire his Administration to engage closely with the community and carry out its responsibilities as transparently as possible. In this regard, he additionally began visiting atolls during the first three months of his Presidency. He also responds to frequently asked questions from the public on social media under the title, 'Raeesge Javaab.'