President Dr Mohamed Muizzu will participate as a guest in the second session of the 'Ahaa' public forum to address public queries on Friday (tonight) at Sultan Park.

This forum series is organised by the President's Office in collaboration with the Public Service Media (PSM). During the first session, held in January this year, some of the Cabinet Ministers participated and directly answered questions from the public. This session received a favourable public response.

At the second forum in the series, PSM is now inviting the public to ask questions to the President. Participants who wish to ask direct questions during the event will also have the option to do so in addition to sending questions ahead of time. The session is scheduled to be held at 8.45 p.m.

President Dr Muizzu previously announced that the Ministers will hold public forums every two months to inform and update the public on the Government's initiatives and answer direct questions from the public. He also stated he would meet with the community in the same form and hold forums to address community concerns every three months.

This is the first public forum series that a Maldivian Government has hosted to address public inquiries promptly. Per his Presidential pledge, the President has made it a top priority to monitor public well-being and solicit public opinion regularly. Open forums such as the 'Ahaa' forum aim to inspire his Administration to engage closely with the community and carry out its responsibilities as transparently as possible. In this regard, he additionally began visiting atolls during the first three months of his Presidency. He also responds to frequently asked questions from the public on social media under the title, 'Raeesge Javaab.'

When the forums are broadcast, the public can view the live streams and contribute to the discussions via social media.