President Dr Mohamed Muizzu has announced all the developmental plans for GA. Vilin'gili Island will be brought to fruition. The President made the remarks while speaking with the residents of GA. Vilin'gili Island this morning.

In his remarks, the President affirmed that all his pledges for the development of Vilin'gili Island will be completed during this term. He also noted that the Administration will work closely with the residential community to address their concerns regarding the island's development plans.

President Dr Muizzu emphasised prioritising regional development to achieve sustainable development. He stated that he would prioritise the citizens' wants and needs foremost, including improving the country's economic situation and promoting regional development.

The President alluded to the Administration's 20-year master plan to develop Urban Centres and noted that Vilin'gili Island would be among the regions developed as Urban Centres. He additionally pointed out that developing these regions with quality services would prompt small populations to migrate to these areas in the long run.

During his speech, the President also highlighted the Maldives' economic situation and the debt that the Government had inherited when he assumed office.
A high-level Government delegation accompanies the President on his tour of several islands in Addu City, Fuvahmulah City, and the North and South Huvadhu Atolls.