President Dr Mohamed Muizzu has announced an upcoming project to connect Veymandoo Island and Kinbindhoo Island with a causeway. He made this pledge while speaking with the residents of Kinbidhoo Island in Kolhumadulu Atoll during his ongoing trip to the atoll.

The President reiterated the Government's commitment to building causeways connecting Kinbindhoo and Veymandoo, as well as Madifushi and Dhiyamigili, aligning with residents' wishes. He underscored economic growth as a top priority, with initiatives aimed at boosting income and development island-wide.

President Dr Muizzu emphasised that the country’s development hinges on economic recovery, approved by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to expand the economy. He additionally pledged to empower islanders for prosperity, vowing to meet councils on islands within the next month rather than calling them to his office.