First Lady Fazna Ahmed launched the child-friendly educational storybook "Boss of My Body" developed by Advocating the Rights of Children (ARC) in partnership with UNICEF Maldives to mark the World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse.

During the special event held at Hulhumale’ Foiy Gaadiya this morning, the First Lady facilitated a book reading for the children present at the event and highlighted the importance of such a book and emphasized the need to empower children against abuse.

The book, "Boss of My Body" available in both Dhivehi and English, is targeted for the ages of four and above, and includes various important topics to help protect children from harm. The book, is intended to help children have early conversations about safe and unsafe touches. The book includes a wide range of topics related to that subject. The conversation, according to the book, will vary depending on the needs and values of each child as well as the requirements and values of each family. Some of the content, according to the book, may challenge long-held social and familial standards.