President Nasheed has said that a lot of things have been achieved during the past five months. He made this statement while speaking to the people of In’guraidhoo.

He also said that the government’s manifesto was based - after listening and consulting widely - on the vision of the people. Speaking in this regard, the President said the government would indentify the specific programmes for the development of In’guraidhoo and assured that the government would implement those programmes during its five year term.

Noting that the vision of the people could be realised by the participation and cooperation from all, the President said his aim was to bring about an equitable, sustainable, and inclusive development to the people of the Maldives. The President also, reiterated its determination to fulfil its electoral pledges to the people.

In his speech, the President also focused on the land use plan for In’guraidhoo. He said that according to the plan, plots from the island of Kottafaru would be made available for the people of In’guraidhoo.