President Mohamed Nasheed has received the Fakhuruveri hiya Award, given for students and alumni who bring glory to Majeediyya School. The presentation of the award was held this morning at a special assembly to mark the 82nd anniversary of Majeediyya School.

Speaking at the assembly, President Nasheed said that the students of Majeediyya School had always shared a close bond of friendship and fraternity. He also noted that friendship developed during school years was a good pathway for nation building. Moreover, the President said that friendship was one of the most important parts of school and urged the students to continue their school days in friendship and cooperation with each other.

Addressing the students, President Nasheed said that repetition was one of the most important keys to success. Speaking in this regard, the President said that if he had achieved anything in life, it was through repeated hard work and a clear focus on the goal.

Highlighting the education policy of the government, the President said expanding the schools was not its policy. In addition, he said that the government’s aim was to work to achieve a 60 percent pass in secondary school examinations.

The vote-of-thanks were delivered at the assembly by the principal of the school, Mr Abdulla Ismail. School captain Mohamed Jailam also spoke at the assembly. Minister of Education Dr Musthafa Luthfy also attended the assembly.