President Nasheed has said the government was working on implementing strong actions against people who attacked police officers in line of duty. He made the statement while speaking at the official function held last night to mark the 76th Anniversary of the Police.

In his speech, the President said over the years a number of important developments have taken place in the way that the Police service functions.

Further, the President emphasised that the Police carried an important national duty and responsibility. Speaking in this regard, the President said the Police was a crucial organisation to uphold law and order and promote peace and harmony in society
Highlighting the importance of earning the respect and confidence of the public by the Police, the President said they should not allow their integrity be ruined because of the actions of a few dishonest people amongst them.

Noting that the police work was a risky service, the President said it requires a lot of courage, strength, sincerity and ability to deal with every scenario.

Furthermore, the President said while the Police officers provide a service of utmost importance, it was the responsibility of the government to take care of their families. In this regard, the President said the government’s housing project was undergoing at a fast speed. He said the government would give priority to provide housing facilities to professional workers such as the police and the army officers.

President Nasheed said that his government would not resort for political vendetta, and retaliate against the former government.

During last night’s meeting, the President presented commemorative plaques and certificates to members of the general public who had continued their assistances to the Police Service. He also presented commemorative plaques to Assistant Commissioner of Police Hussain Shakir and Superintendent of Police Ibrahim Khaleel in recognition of their services in the Maldives’ Police for over
40 years.