President Mohamed Nasheed has said next year’s government budget will be a programme budget, which will aim to implement Strategic Action Plan of the government. He made this statement in his speech at the information session on development projects for Faadhippolhu atoll.

“We can achieve our developmental aspirations only if we can formulate the budget on that basis,” added the President.

The President said based on past two years’ experience, he believed that the Maldives could double its GDP within a short period.

“I believe we now have a very strong development foundation. If we can firmly build on this foundation, we can achieve this goal,” he said.

In his speech, the President also spoke on government’s development projects to implemented across the country, especially projects for Naifaru.

At last evening’s function, the President also launched a book written by Mr Mohamed Ismail Fulhu on the health sector development in the Maldives.