Today, the government started the first of a series of deliberative meetings with the Civil Service Commission. The meeting, which was chaired by President Mohamed Nasheed, was held at the President’s Office.

Discussions at today’s meeting were mainly on the issue of restoring civil service salaries to their previous levels and streamlining civil service to increase efficiency and productivity. Discussions were also on the administrative framework for local councils.

The deliberative committee, which the government formed on Tuesday, will meet at least once in a month.

The committee will be chaired by the President. Other members included in the committee include:

1. Mr Ali Hashim, Minister of Finance and Treasury
2. Mr Mahmood Razi, Minister of Economic Development
3. Mr Ahmed Ali Sawad, Attorney General
4. Dr Ibrahim Didi, Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture
5. Mr Mohamed Fahmee Hassan, President of Civil Service Commission
6. Mr Ahmed Hassan Didi, Vice President of Civil Service Commission
7. Dr Mohamed Ali, Civil Service Commission member
8. Ms Khadheeja Adam, Civil Service Commission member
9. Mr Abdulla Khaleel, Secretary General of Civil Service Commission