President Mohamed Nasheed has said that six leading drug dealers in the country have been identified. The President made this statement this afternoon while speaking with the people of Dhevvadhoo.

Dhevvadhoo is the third leg of President Nasheed tour to some islands of North and South Huvadhu atoll.

Focusing on the drug issue in the country, the President said that the problem cannot be resolved by without arresting these six individuals and by just arresting and torturing drug abusing youths.

Furthermore, the President said if these six individuals were arrested it would appear that the government was negatively influencing the elections by arresting members of the opposition parties.

He also reiterated the government’s commitment to treat all drug offenders and to close down all ports of drugs trafficking through strict monitoring and vigilance.
The President also spoke on the developmental projects planned for Dhevvadhoo. He said that water and sewerage projects would begin in the island this year. In addition, he said that the government planned to operate the Dhevvadhoo power house under the Utilities Company.