Speaking after inaugurating the Maldives Police Service’s Iskandharu Building, Vice President Dr Mohamed Waheed said ensuring rule of law and protecting the rights of the people were the primary duties of police.

He said while the key to people’s happiness and society’s strength was their confidence in rule of law and justice, it was a responsibility of police to ensure rule of law in the country.

Further, the Vice President underscored the importance of police integrity and people’s perception of police service. He said police integrity could only be maintained by impartially discharging their duties in protecting the rule of law and promoting justice.

In his remarks at the ceremony held at Iskandharu Koshi, to inaugurate the building, Commissioner of Police Ahmed Faseeh said the building would ease the difficulties faced by lack of space and thus help improve the quality of services to the people.

Iskandharu Building houses modern technologies for forensic investigation of crimes.