Presidential Palace to be referred to as the “Official residence of the President”
02 April 2009
President Inaugurates Climate Change Advisory Council
01 April 2009
The Cabinet decides to set up a Narcotics Control and Governance Structure and establish a Narcotics Control Council
31 March 2009
The government is working to implement strong actions against people who attack police officers: President Nasheed
31 March 2009
The President congratulates the staff of Television Maldives, on its anniversary
30 March 2009
The President says global awareness of climate change has increased
29 March 2009
The President sends messages of sympathy to the Presidents of Pakistan and Indonesia
28 March 2009
The Cabinet decides to investigate cases of misuse of state assets
25 March 2009
The President establishes Works Corporation Limited
25 March 2009
The President meets with UNICEF Regional Director for South Asia
24 March 2009