Government to make sub-leasing of land leased for resort operation, agriculture and other industrial work, possible
30 June 2009
The British High Commissioner pays a courtesy call on the President
29 June 2009
Vice President says there are ten youth who need rehabilitation treatment for every single youth who is under treatment at the Drug Rehabilitation Centre
27 June 2009
A detoxification centre to be opened, says President Nasheed.
President Nasheed confident of greater prosperity, development, and happiness for Maldivians
26 June 2009
Government ready to support civil societies in working against drug abuse – says Vice President Dr. Waheed
26 June 2009
In this week’s radio address, President Nasheed will especially focus on the issue of drug abuse
25 June 2009
President proposes a new nominee for the Anti-Corruption Commission
25 June 2009
EMGlobal is interested in setting-up a rehabilitation centre in the Maldives, says the Vice President
24 June 2009
President proposes a new nominee for the Elections Commission
24 June 2009
President appoints members to the board of directors of Works Corporation Limited
23 June 2009