President Ratifies Second Amendment to the Maldives Securities Act
23 December 2020
President Ratifies 18th Amendment to Export-Import Act
22 December 2020
President to Grant Medal for each Hafiz to have memorized the Holy Quran while attaining the highest grade.
22 December 2020
Saudi Ambassador-Designate to the Maldives Presents Credentials to President
21 December 2020
Vice President Inaugurates Bus Stop and Park at West Park Area
20 December 2020
Vice President Discusses Policies to Strengthen Nursing Profession
20 December 2020
Vice President Inaugurates 'Saafu Hulhumalé' initiative
19 December 2020
MTCC plays a vital role in assisting the Government’s efforts to ensure basic services nationwide - President
18 December 2020
President establishes Office of Ombudsperson for Transitional Justice
17 December 2020
President Ratifies Transitional Justice Act
17 December 2020