President to speak on his upcoming visits to Abu Dhabi and India in his weekly radio address
14 January 2010
President sends a message of sympathy to the President of Haiti
13 January 2010
President appoints three Deputy Commissioners of Police
13 January 2010
President appoints two deputy ministers to the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Communication
13 January 2010
President ratifies Clemency Bill
12 January 2010
Cabinet decides to transfer some functions of Ministries to province offices, under management contract
12 January 2010
Mohamed Aswan appointed as Minister of State for Home Affairs
11 January 2010
President meets with Chief Hydrographer of India
10 January 2010
Cabinet expresses concern over continued “culture of police torture”
09 January 2010
President launches Open Day of Ghiyasuddin International School
08 January 2010