President ratifies Consumer Protection Act, Competition Act and Fourth Amendment to Land Transportation Act
31 August 2020
Committee Investigating Public Housing Schemes invites public to submit complaints regarding point allocations for the temporary list of flat applicants
30 August 2020
President visits site of fire incident on Boduthakurufaanu Magu
29 August 2020
Nominations open for President's Award for Special Achievement
27 August 2020
Policy Office briefs Cabinet on executive analysis of S.A.P. and ISLES platform for quarter 1
25 August 2020
National Awards Committee to begin accepting nominations this Thursday for President's National Award for Special Achievement
25 August 2020
Committee Investigating Public Housing Schemes Holds Press Conference, Provides Details Regarding Temporary List of Flat Applicants for H4, H5, H8 and H10 categories
24 August 2020
Government Publicises Temporary List of Hiyaa Flat applicants for H4, H5, H8 and H10 Categories
24 August 2020
President Sends Felicitations on the Occasion of the Islamic New Year
19 August 2020
President sends HRCM Membership applicants for Parliamentary consideration
19 August 2020