President Nasheed has said if cases of misappropriation of state resources go unreported, it will put the whole country into jeopardy. He made this statement while speaking to the people of Mathiveri of North Ari Atoll.

“If [anyone] comes to know of an instance of misusing government money or any other resources, whether by a political appointee or civil servant, hiding it is a wrong, and it tantamounts to destroying the whole country,” said President Nasheed.

He said that if any government employee was found guilty of misappropriation, due punishment would be given.

He added that his administration would not mistreat any individual and that due punishment would be imposed only through the justice system.

In his address to the people of Mathiveri, President also spoke on government’s efforts to improve the education system. He said the education policy was based on enabling students to achieve good results.

The President said real development would only come through quality education, better healthcare and more job opportunities.

The President arrived in Mathiveri this morning.