President Barack Obama of the United States has said that President Nasheed’s efforts at the Copenhagen “contributed greatly to moving beyond the deadlock and reaching a constructive outcome”.

In a letter sent to President Nasheed he said, “As a leader among the Alliance of Small Island States and among all developing countries, your voice is extremely important in this process.”

President Obama said, Copenhagen Accord “represents a very important step forward”, adding that it was the first time all major economies agreed to cut greenhouse gas emissions and report their actions in a transparent manner.

“This is a historic progress, and it will help us in our efforts to reduce the risks of climate change to vulnerable countries, including small island states like the Republic of Maldives,” President Obama said.

In his letter President Obama also reiterated his commitment to the promises made in Copenhagen and said his administration was closely working with Congress to pass necessary legislation.

The US has already associated with the Copenhagen Accord and made submission to the UNFCCC on its emissions reduction target.

The Maldives has pledged to go carbon neutral by 2020, cutting its net carbon dioxide emissions by 100%, as its contribution to tackling climate change under the Copenhagen Accord.

The Maldives’ pledge is the most ambitious mitigation target so far submitted under the Copenhagen Accord.