President Mohamed Nasheed has today met with President Ólafur Grímsson of Iceland and discussed ways of strengthening bilateral relations between the two countries.

The two leaders also discussed issues of mutual concern such as climate change.

President Grímsson said that like in the Maldives, climate change was very real threat to Iceland as well. He further commended the Maldives’ plan to go carbon neutral and said that Iceland now depended on 80% renewable energy.

President Nasheed noted that cooperation between the two countries could be increased in the area of fisheries and suggested exchanging experts in this field, between the two countries.
Separately, President Nasheed today also met with Ambassador Dessima Williams of Grenada who is also the Permanent Representative of Grenada in UN.

Discussions were mainly focused on how to get AOSIS countries to sign into Copenhagen Accord and on how to develop an operational plan for the Accord.

Ambassador Williams shared with the President the reservations the members of AOSIS, who do not want to sign to the Accord, have about the accord.

President said Maldives was willing to assist the Chair of AOSIS (Grenada) to achieve a common understanding on the Accord among the AOSIS countries.