In his weekly radio address, President Mohamed Nasheed has said the government formulated the 2010 budget with clear benchmarks to do certain things and that it is results-oriented.

The President said, “the government will achieve the targets set out in the budget. As a result, we are confident prosperity will increase during the next year.”

Addressing the concerns from the opposition, President Nasheed said that while certain projects were not included in the budget, there would be no setback to their implementation.

The President explained that island development programmes were not only financed by the government budget, adding that public private partnerships and supplier credits were various sources of funding.

The President assured that the government would consider recommendations of the People’s Majlis when implementing the budget, which was approved on Thursday.

In his weekly address, the President also reflected on the anniversary of the 2004 tsunami.

He said the government aimed to provide free permanent shelter for the displaced persons after the tsunami.