The President today met with the Sri Lankan President,
Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa. The meeting was held this evening at the Presidential Secretariat.

Speaking at the meeting, President Nasheed thanked his Sri Lankan counterpart, Mr Mahindha Rajapaksa, the government and the people of Sri Lanka, for inviting him to make this State Visit to Sri Lanka. Highlighting on the close friendship between the Maldives and Sri Lanka, President Nasheed assured that this visit would further strengthen the ties between the two countries.

Speaking at the meeting, the Sri Lankan President expressed his happiness on President Nasheed’s State visit to Sri Lanka and extended a very warm welcome. President Rajapaksa further expressed his confidence that the bilateral ties between the two countries would strengthen during President Nasheed’s tenure.

After the meeting, the President and the Sri Lankan President led the bi-lateral meeting between senior delegations of both countries.

The two delegations discussed various aspects of bilateral relations between the two countries and emphasised the need to widen the range of collaboration to new areas of development.

State Banquet hosted by President Mahinda Rajapaksa of Sri Lanka and Madam Rajapaksa, in honour of President Nasheed and Madam Laila Ali was held at the President’s House tonight.