President Mohamed Nasheed has last evening met with Lars Løkke Rasmussen.

Both leaders discussed the importance of COP15 and agreed to have more substantive discussions in the sessions.

Speaking at the meeting Prime Minister Rasmussen said that already the procedures of the conference have been discussed and the consultations have not been able to go forward as some members continued to obstruct the process with procedural discussions.

The PM further said that the world needed a strong voice such as President Nasheed. He added, as the President has conveyed during the working sessions yesterday, that the actual process should go forward and that time was crucial to get an outcome from COP15.

President Nasheed reiterated AOSIS member's stance that binds all countries to take steps designed to limit global warming to a maximum of 1.5 degrees rather than the 2 degrees that has been the stated objective of the larger developed nations.

The President further requested Danish government to take ownership of delivery of COP15 and that strong leadership will result in the positive outcome. The President said we needed political leadership to bridge the gap on the outstanding issues on the agreement. He also stressed that US and other major emerging economies' leadership must ensure that the past 14 years' efforts have not been wasted and we take action on climate change.

The President also expressed his utmost willingness to assist in the informal consultations at this crucial time.