Vice President Dr Mohamed Waheed has today met with Libyan Ambassador to the Maldives Ibrahim Elabed Mukhtar Henitish, and Director General of the Muslim World League Regional Office Abdu Mohamed Aseen.

Speaking at two separate meetings held at the President’s Office this afternoon, the Vice President gave a warm welcome to both dignitaries. He thanked the Libyan government and the Muslim World League for their continued support and assistance to the Maldives.

In the meeting with Libyan Ambassador Ibrahim Elabed Mukhtar Henitish, the Vice President and Ambassador Henitish discussed ways of further strengthening the relations that exist between the Maldives and Libya. Discussions, in this regard, were focused on strengthening trade ties between both countries, and increasing Libyan investments in the Maldives.

During the meeting with the Director General of Muslim World League, the Vice President highlighted the organisation’s contribution in the areas related to the advancement of Islam in the Maldives.

Director General of Muslim World League Abdu Mohamed Aseen said the Muslim World League would continue to assist the Maldives in these areas, especially in building mosques and promoting the knowledge of Quran.