Ambassador of France to the Maldives Mr Michel Lummaux has paid his farewell call on President Mohamed Nasheed.

Speaking at the meeting held at the President’s Office this morning, President Nasheed thanked Ambassador Lummaux and the French government for their support in introducing democracy in the Maldives. He expressed his hope of continuous support from France in consolidating democracy in the Maldives.

Furthermore, the President said the contribution of French President Nicolas Sarkozy was instrumental in reaching a resolution on climate change at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Trinidad and Tobago in last November.

President Nasheed said this resolution has renewed the hope of arriving at an agreement in United Nations Climate Summit in Copenhagen.

Ambassador Lummaux assured the President of continued French assistance and support to consolidate democracy in the Maldives. He further said, France was aware of the specific needs of low-lying nations such as the Maldives, and would want to achieve outcomes with emphasis on the needs low-lying nations in Copenhagen.