Speaking to foreing media at a press conference held Saturday afternoon at the President’s Office, Presdient Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan has said that his government would respect the seperation of powers guarenteed in the Constitution.

Reaffirming his commitment to democracy, the Preisdent said “democracy did not start three years ago. The struggle for democracy started long time ago”.

Stating that his highest priority was to restore peace in the country, and to constitute a national unity government, the President that MDP’s representation in the new leadership was welcome.

He said:

“As an indication of my commitment…I will leave substantial positions for MDP”.

Denying the coup claims made by the former President, President Waheed said he was open for an independent inquiry into change of government.
He also said that there wasn’t a need for “a snap election,’’ saying that “the country is deeply divided and the political landscape has many potholes.’’

The President further said that his job was to create a political environment in which he can have a truly free and fair election.

He said:

“I also think that if we try to force election now we might even go into more conflict in the country and that is not in the interest of anyone”.

Calling for calm in the country, the President urged all parties to restrain themselves and not to “fuel currently explosive situation”.