The cabinet has today decided to lift the ban on the operation guest houses in the atolls. The cabinet made this decision at the cabinet meeting held this afternoon, after collaborating on a paper proposed by the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture on developing guest houses in the atolls.

In accordance with a decree passed by the People’s Majlis, the members of the cabinet decided to end the government policy of banning tourist guest houses in inhabited islands except Male’ and Hulhumale’.

At today’s meeting, the members also discussed and decided on opening up to the public the recreational club for government employees. It was also decided to move the recreational club to a different building.

The members of the cabinet also spoke on the importance of having a recreational facility for the members of the general public. They noted that such a facility would be an important step towards preventing the youth from adopting negative behaviours.

The members of the cabinet also discussed the complaints which some of the ministers had been receiving on the issue of ‘Here-there’ resort staff being dismissed from their jobs. The cabinet decided to find a quick solution to this issue.