Vice President Dr Mohamed Waheed has yesterday met with Prime Minister Jigmi Y. Thinley of Bhutan.

Speaking at the meeting, Dr Waheed conveyed good wishes of President Mohamed Nasheed to the Prime Minister and gratitude for the Bhutanese for its offer to host the next SAARC Summit.
The Prime Minister extended a very warm welcome to the Vice President and thanked him for participating in the democracy conference which is being held in Paro, Bhutan.

The Prime Minister also congratulated the government of Maldives for the smooth transfer of power following the presidential elections, which he said has further created a sense of respect to the new leadership.

He also commended the Maldives for the work it has done internationally on climate change issues. Speaking in this regard, the Prime Minister informed the Vice President that Bhutan has proposed to incorporate climate change as a major theme in the next SAARC Summit.

Further, the Prime Minister said that Bhutan would work closely with the Maldives in issues of mutual concern, especially on climate change issues.

Discussions were also based on the ongoing reform processes in both the countries and on sharing democratic experiences with each other.