President Mohamed Nasheed has this afternoon met with the visiting delegation of the World Bank.

Speaking at the meeting, the President briefed the members of the delegation on the government’s economic policy. The President said that the government has now undertaken a privatisation programme which the government hoped would enable the provision of utilities and other services to the people through public-private-partnerships.

Executive Director of the Wold Bank who is also the head of the delegation, Mr. Merza Hassan commended the government’s economic policies as well as its decision to become the world’s first carbon neutral country.

The members of the delegation also briefed the President on the various development projects undertaken in the Maldives by the World Bank. They also assured that the World Bank would provide assistance to the government to carry forward the privatisation programme.

The President was joined at the meeting by Vice President Dr Mohamed Waheed; Minister of Finance and Treasury, Mr Ali Hashim; and, Minister of State for Finance and Treasury Mr Ahmed As-ad.