Vice President Dr Mohamed Waheed has said that it is necessary to attract and retain the most competent and the brightest talent in the tourism industry to uphold the image of the Maldives in the international community.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the “Workshop on Development of a Strategic Human Resource Tourism Plan for the Tourism Industry” held at Social Centre this morning, the Vice President said that the tourism industry requires creative, competent and dedicated staff for the industry as it is the defining factor of the Maldives’ image in the global world.

Highlighting on the lack of general enthusiasm among the younger generation, towards working in the tourism industry, Vice President Dr Waheed noted that the “poor perception of employment possibilities in the sector, poor preparation for mid- and high-end jobs, growing wage levels in public and other sectors, and little understanding of the prospects and possibilities among young people”, are some of the factors contributing to the lack of eagerness in joining the industry work force.

Dr Waheed also highlighted on the importance of younger leaders in the industry. Speaking in this regard, the Vice President noted that the younger generation need to be encouraged in to working in the industry, saying that the industry cannot move forward with the young generation left behind. He also said that the purpose of human resource development should be to aim to produce leaders and develop the best talents for the sector.