Vice President Dr Mohamed Waheed has officiated the prize giving ceremony of Maldives National Broadcasting Corporation (MNBC) Children’s Quran Competition.

Speaking at the ceremony which was broadcast on Voice of Maldives and Television Maldives this evening, Dr Waheed called on parents and guardians to help children memorise the Quran.

He said reading the translation of the Quran to children, in a manner that they could comprehend was also very important.

Highlighting the growing importance given in the country for Quran recitation and memorization, the Vice President noted that there are many children and adults among us who can skilfully recite the Holy Quran.

Noting that the role of teachers in this regard was also very important, Dr Waheed expressed his sincere appreciation to teachers.

He said that eloquent recitation of Holy Quran was a skill that could be achieved if they are trained at a young age.

Emphasising that the art of reciting the Holy Quran was developing promisingly in the Maldives, Dr Waheed said it was important to create an interest among small children to recite the Quran. He also said that children should be encouraged for their efforts.

He said that listening to an accomplished recital of the Holy Quran would bring both delight and inspiration to the listener. He also added that eloquent recitation of the Holy Quran was spiritually uplifting.

At the function, Dr Waheed presented prizes to children who achieved the first place in various categories in the competition.