Vice President Dr Mohamed Waheed has said that the purposes of an education include developing individuals to their full potential and preserving the country’s culture for future generations. He made this statement while speaking at the opening ceremony of the Symposium to revise the National Curriculum.

Speaking at the function held this morning at Dharubaaruge’, the President said each person was an individual and a member of the society, and that there can be no such thing as an individual’s freedom completely free from societal control.

He said that knowledge, skills, good behaviour and social discipline were necessary developments to be achieved by all students.

Speaking on the importance of education, Dr Waheed said education include teaching students to respect law and order and that education available in the Maldives should also include getting students oriented to modern technologies.

Stating that a number of students leave school without getting a proper education, Dr Waheed said that a worrying number of young people are now into drugs. He further said one of the reasons for the growing number of in juvenile delinquencies was because of the current system of school management.

In his speech, Dr Waheed also highlighted the reasons for revising the national curriculum. Noting that the current curriculum was formed 25 years ago, Dr Waheed said a lot has changed since then. He said, therefore, the revised curriculum should reflect those changes.

Dr Waheed concluded his speech calling on the participants to have a vision of a Maldivian living in the Maldives 25 years from now, while revising the national curriculum. He also said that he was confident that the participants would contribute towards the advancement of Maldives’ education.