President Mohamed Nasheed has today met with Mr Mohamed Shihab, the Speaker of the People’s Majlis and Ms Aneesa Ahmed, the Deputy Speaker of the People’s Majlis.

Speaking at the meeting, the President expressed his sincere congratulations and good wishes to Mr Mohamed Shihab and Ms Aneesa Ahmed for their success in fulfilling their duties at the Majlis.

The President noted that a lot of work under the transitional chapter of the new Constitution had completed within a very short period and expressed gratitude for the smooth running of the Majlis.

Mr Mohamed Shihab and Ms Aneesa Ahmed said that they had worked in collaboration with the political parties represented in the Majlis as well as with the independent members to try to complete the work as soon as possible. They also thanked all the members of the People’s Majlis for their cooperation.

At the meeting, President Nasheed presented photo albums to the Speaker and Deputy Speaker, which contained images depicting their services to the country.

The President was joined at the meeting by Vice President Dr Mohamed Waheed.