Prime Minister of Bhutan; Our Guests from Bhutan; Members of the Cabinet; Members of Parliament; and Everyone else gathered here tonight.

Speaker of the Majlis.

I went to Bhutan a few months back for the 16th SAARC Summit. Of course, the hospitality rendered to us, it will be extremely difficult, Your Excellency, for us to do justice to that. But in our modest manner we will try our best to be as hospitable and give you, Your Excellency, most importantly a good time in the Maldives.

We are both small and vulnerable nations developing, facing a number of challenges both in our social order as much as our economic indicators and challenges.

Bhutan has hosted the 16th SAARC Summit very successfully and, Prime Minister, I commend you for that.

And now we face the challenge of doing the same and again having had set such standards it, of course, won’t be easy for us to do the same. But again in our modest manner, we will try our best.

We wish, and I wish all the best for our friendly relations. I would like to raise a toast for the long standing relationship of both our countries and to the good health of His Majesty the King of Bhutan.

Thank you Prime Minister.