President Mohamed Nasheed has attended the reception hosted by Bangladeshi High Commissioner in the Maldives to mark the 40th anniversary of the Independence and National Day of Bangladesh.

In his address at the reception held at Dharubaaruge yesterday, the President highlighted the close and friendly relationship that exists between the Maldives and Bangladesh.

The President also spoke on the importance of impressing upon the international community the gravity of the issues faced by South Asian countries, namely that of climate change.

Addressing the issue President Nasheed commended Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Haseena for her continuous work on climate challenges within the international community.

“We are also very fortunate to have a very strong democratic leadership in Bangladesh who is advocating in the international arena on matters that are very dear and close to us for our survival: climate change,” he said.

He further spoke on the significance of elimination of poverty to provide a better life for all citizens of South Asian countries.

“I’m sure working with Bangladesh, working with the South Asian community, we will be able to achieve our aspirations,” the President added.

Bangladesh Independence and National Day is the 26th of March.