President Mohamed Nasheed has returned after his tour to three islands of Gaaf Dhaal Atoll. During the tour he began on Thursday, the President visited Madaveli, Hoadehdhoo and Thinadhoo.

Visiting Madaveli and Thinadhoo, the President met with Island Councils of both islands to discuss the development projects earmarked for both islands.

During the visit to Thinadhoo, the President held talks with Thinadhoo Island Council on expediting ongoing development projects as well as project planned for Thinadhoo.

He especially focused his discussions with Thinadhoo Council on the island’s harbour construction project and developing Thinadhoo harbour as a fully fledged fishing and commercial harbour.

While in Thinadhoo, the President also officiated the closing of “Makita Junior Athletics Championship” held in the island, open for schools of four Southern most atolls.