Office of the National Security Advisor has formed Maritime Security Coordinating Committee and held its first meeting today at the President’s Office.

The Committee was formed as part of the formulation of a national maritime security policy within the National Security Framework as announced by President Mohamed Nasheed in his presidential address to the first session of the People’s Majlis this year.

He said the government would put together strategies for maritime security to implement maritime security policy and initiate maritime security awareness programmes, this year.

The President, in his presidential address, revealed that maritime security awareness programmes would pattern eight action plans on maritime security.

These action plans would focus on propagating and analyzing awareness on maritime domains, the layout of a maritime security information plan, identification of internal threats, improving international relations, identification of marine threats, protecting maritime security network, and monitoring transport system and trade routes, the President noted in his presidential address.

Office of the National Security Advisor was making preparations to unveil the action plans within 90 days from the delivery of presidential address, as announced by the President earlier this month.

As part of its efforts to formulate maritime security policy and action plans, Office of the NSA formed the Maritime Security Policy Coordinating Committee with representation from 15 relevant government authorities.

Discussions at the first meeting of the committee were focused on the concept of the maritime security suitable for the Maldives’ maritime domain and how the committee would work to formulate its action plans.