President Mohamed Nasheed has today met with Indian Prime Minister’s Special Envoy on Climate Change, Mr Shyam Saran.

Speaking at the meeting held at the President’s Office this morning, the President said he was encouraged by the Indian government’s policies on environment and climate change. He noted the challenges posed by climate change on the existence of the Maldives and stressed the importance of cooperation and support between both countries in working against the threats of climate change.

President Nasheed applauded the Indian government’s policies to encourage new technological advancements in the field of renewable energy. Further he said that he believed that India and Indian companies would lead the way in the field of renewable energy and environment friendly technologies.

At the meeting, Special Envoy Mr Shyam Saran said that the Maldives and India could work together in combating climate change and noted that the fate of both countries are linked to climate change, as climate change threatens the survival of millions of people living in the coastal areas of India as well as the Maldives.

Furthermore, Mr Saran said Indian government’s policies on adaptation were similar to that of the Maldives. He said that adaptation should be finding ways of achieving better standards of living through sustainable development. Mr Saran added that India was prepared to share its new environment friendly and renewable energy technologies with the Maldives.

Both the President and the Special Envoy discussed ways of further strengthening the relations that existed between the Maldives and India, and tackling the challenges faced by both countries and the region together.