In a press statement issued by the President’s Office today, President Nasheed has said that the Parliamentary elections that were held in the Maldives last Saturday proved an important exercise towards consolidating democracy in the Maldives. He added that democracy was, therefore, the victor in the general elections.

Noting that the arresting of key political figures for politically motivated reasons during periods of regime change and elections in the past had been the biggest obstruction for establishing good governance, the President expressed his pleasure for having been able to hold the parliamentary elections without recourse to such actions.

President Nasheed also noted that the general elections showed that the confidence of the people and opposition parties in multiparty democracy had increased. He therefore thanked and congratulated the people for their participation in the process.

President Nasheed underlined the fact that key figures from the opposition had contested in the elections which demonstrated such confidence and trust in the democratic system, and, he congratulated the DRP and PA for their success.

Highlighting that the Saturday’s parliamentary elections were the most free and fair elections held so far in the Maldives, President Nasheed assured that the government would facilitate opposition parties to fulfill their important role in democratic politics.

In the media release, President Nasheed also congratulated the Maldivian Democratic Party and noted that elections showed the public support for MDP had increased since the runoff of the presidential election last October when it contested in an alliance.

President Nasheed further said that he believed the results of the elections showed the level of confidence that the people have in multiparty political system.

The President said that the government would continue with development projects in an equitable manner without discrimination in respect of different political affiliations.

He also called on the candidates who failed to secure parliamentary seats not to be discouraged but to continue their work in the political process.