Addressing the people of Kanduhulhudhoo of Gaaf Alif Atoll this morning, President Mohamed Nasheed has reaffirmed the government’s commitment to strengthen local councils.

The President said the local councils that would formed after the February 5 local council elections would pave the way for the people to truly participate in the government and shape their development.

Noting that it was a duty of the government to consolidate the atoll councils and the islands councils, President Nasheed asserted that the government would fulfil its responsibility to strengthen local councils.

The President said the most important step to achieve true development was freeing the individual from the state. Therefore, he stated that consolidating democracy and protecting and promoting human rights were the priority development projects of the government.

“What is required to lay a sewerage system or to build a good hospital is a system of good governance. What [we] need is a transparent and a just system of governance”, said the President added.

In his address, the President also spoke on the government’s progress towards delivering its election pledges and the specific benefits of the government’s achievements for the people of Kanduhulhudhoo.

Before visiting Kanduhulhudhoo this morning, President Nasheed visited and met with the people of Dhaandhoo of Gaaf Alif last evening.