President Mohamed Nasheed has met with Dr Salman Bin Fahd Al-Ouda, a renowned religious scholar from Saudi Arabia.

At a meeting held at the President’s Office this afternoon, the President noted the brotherly relations that existed between the Maldives and Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, he said that Arabian history and culture were of great interest to Maldivians.

President Nasheed said that religious divide and drug abuse were two of the biggest problems the Maldives was faced with now. He said that solving these problems required the assistance of religious scholars such as Dr Al-Ouda.

Speaking at the meeting, Dr Al-Ouda said that it gave him great joy to visit the Maldives, and it was an honour to have had the opportunity to meet the President.

Dr Al-Ouda noted the changes that have taken place in the Maldives in the past years, and congratulated President Nasheed for his efforts to bring democracy to the Maldives.