Vice President Dr Mohamed Waheed has appealed to all Maldivian students to make better use of the opportunities available to them. He made this statement while speaking at the annual prize giving ceremony of Dharumavantha School. He also called on the students to be determined to serve the nation as productive citizens and to cherished good behaviour and fairness.

Addressing the students, Dr Waheed said every student should strive to contribute to the progress of the nation.
Stating that many changes have been brought to the educational policy of the government, the President said improving the quality of education was a top priority of the government.

Dr Waheed also called for the revitalisation of the role of parents and guardians in making children inclusive beneficiaries of the nation’s progress.

Highlighting that the issue of drugs was a growing problem in the Maldives, Dr Waheed said parents shoulder a great responsibility in protecting their children from drugs.

At the function, Vice President presented award to Mohamed Shafeeu for achieving the best-all-round student of 2008. Also, a commemorative plaque was presented to Dr Waheed by the school Principal Abdulla Didi, on behalf of the school.